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Local Medical Service And Support

Get Local Medical Service and Support from DeMaya Service LLC

At DeMaya Services LLC, we are committed to providing the best local medical service and support in League City, TX. We know that our community relies on its medical equipment. No matter the size or scale of your operation, we can help you with all of our medical equipment service needs. Our company offers everything from repairs, preventative maintenance, calibrations to general sterile processing equipment.

When it comes to local medical service and support, we can handle all of your service needs. We have experience working with a wide variety of medical machinery and can quickly get your repairs taken care of. You can save money and time when you choose to repair your equipment. Repairs are more affordable than replacing units and they can typically be conducted faster than new purchases. Your company needs fast and reliable results to keep up with the health demands of our community. Our local medical service and support can help you achieve those goals.

Here at DeMaya Services LLC, we are a certified, veteran-owned, small business that specializes in providing service and support for medical devices. We have over 20 years of experience working on a vast array of devices from a variety of modalities and manufactures.

At DeMaya Services LLC, providing our customers with excellent customer service, minimizing equipment downtime with quality service and helping our customers provide the best and safe patient care possible is our top priority. 

When your medical equipment breaks down or if you are in need of general sterile processing equipment service, you need the services of an expert repair crew that can arrive quickly and get the job done. Around League City, make sure to call DeMaya Services LLC.

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